Research & Development


At Wellcall, we are committed to ensuring that every part of our business is able to provide our valued customers with the best possible products and services. Over the years one of the areas that we have given great importance and worked on is our Research & Development (R&D). Besides, in line with our core emphasis which is “Product Quality” and “Customer Satisfaction”, we are driven to continuously innovate to ensure that our customers are happy and satisfied with our products. With a stellar reputation for service, quality and the ability to meet new technical standards, we are constantly growing and expanding. R&D has certainly helped us to adapt to the rapidly shifting global market and to meet our customer’s requirements.


Laboratory & Facilities

We continuously upgrade our research laboratory and facilities to further enhance our product quality, features, performance and also liability. Below are some of the facilities involved:

Mooney viscometer


Universal tensile machine

Abrasion tester (ISO 4649)

Ozone exposure chamber

Hydrostatic pressure tester

Hot air aging oven chamber


Spring pocket durometer

Insulation continuity tester

Oil bath testing machine

Low-temperature test chamber